Services and conditions of Bitcoin Shopping Centre

Services we offer at Bitcoin Shopping Centre:

A platform focused on the effervescent and growing Bitcoin community to showcase and sell your products with bitcoin.

Position your products in the main Internet search engines to give them more visibility and increase your sales.

In Bitcoin Shopping Centre you will be able to show and sell your products in the countries and/or territories where you can send them, without limits.

You will be able to choose between Spanish and English but if you are interested in another language please contact us.

Manage your bitcoin payments both onchain and through Lightning Network and exchange them to Fiat (€,$,¥) if you wish. You will receive the price you have requested for your products. We are the 1st and only platform in Europe to offer this service!

Fast and personalized attention, adjusting in the best possible way to your needs.

Synchronization with your online store through APIs.

Bulk upload of your products by CSV file upload.

Necessary conditions to work with Bitcoin Shopping Centre:

Bitcoin Shopping Centre is a dynamic and active platform that seeks the commitment of companies, freelancers or individuals to collaborate with us.

We are looking for sellers who are committed to put good pictures and descriptions on the items offered.

To have the stocks of the items for sale updated.

That they assume the commitment to send the product purchased by their customers as soon as possible, complying with the stipulated times.

In short, we offer and ask for seriousness and implication.

Economic conditions:

Clear and simple;a rate of 10% on the price excluding VAT on any type of product.

Registration form:

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