How to accept bitcoin payments

Incorporate your business into the burgeoning digital world by offering potential new customers the possibility to pay for your products with Bitcoin.

By enabling the Lightning Network you can cash out, instantly and virtually for free, using a second layer of Bitcoin.

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Why should you accept Bitcoin?

Or rather, what is stopping you from accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in your business? After all, we are talking about a new form of money that has recently been declared legal tender in El Salvador. And as with Salvadorans, you are under no obligation to keep the Bitcoins you receive because you can exchange them instantly for your country’s FIAT currency at many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Every day more and more people are joining the Bitcoin economy and looking for where they can use their bitcoins to make online purchases.

But there is more, much more, let’s take a look at their characteristics and why it is in your interest to accept Bitcoin in exchange for the products you sell:

Bitcoin is a currency without borders

Bitcoin knows no borders, knows no nations, has no geopolitical interests and is used globally all over the world. No one can stop you from joining this new economy or block your accounts or freeze your balances. Bitcoin does not even work through banks, but is a decentralised cryptocurrency, which works through nodes that hundreds of thousands of users and miners have around the world, validating the transactions that end users make and checking a thousand times that these transfers are authentic. There are NO COUNTERFEIT BITCOINS, so the security of your payment is 100% guaranteed.

With Bitcoin, you can also expand your business territorially as far as you are able to take your product. At Bitcoin Shopping Center we can display your products in the countries where you want to sell them, with no restrictions other than those that you impose on yourself due to the ability to deliver your products.

We propose a totally personalized treatment with our clients (merchants) and we adjust to your needs so that you achieve your goals. Our entire team is at your disposal.

Bitcoin does not require registration

As mentioned above, Bitcoin does not work with banks. In fact, there are no intermediaries when making a transfer. The Bitcoin owner has them in his possession and does not need to give any personal or bank details to make the payment. An analogy could be that it is like collecting cash but online.

This has great advantages in e-commerce and is one of the reasons for the growth that cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular are experiencing. Not having to give bank details to make a payment means that the payment is much more secure, there is no danger for the user of sensitive data theft which could result in loss of money and various other problems. So it is not surprising that these new payment systems in online shopping are gaining new followers on a daily basis.

There is no payment reversal in Bitcoin

This is the main feature of Bitcoin, payments are non-refundable. Once a Bitcoin payment is made, no one can reverse it. So not only is it safer for the buyer, it is also safer for the seller in online commerce. Once payment is received and the product is shipped, there is no uncertainty that, for whatever reason, that payment may later be reversed, refused or cancelled. This certainty is now possible and is a real solution to an existing problem in traditional online commerce, especially when selling in international markets, outside one’s own jurisdiction.

Problems accepting Bitcoin

Accepting bitcoin also entails several problems for the seller and the buyer, and that’s why we are here, to solve them in the best possible way. These are explained below:

Bitcoin is highly volatile

It is true that Bitcoin suffers from high price volatility and is continually fluctuating in price with sharp rises and falls. So while being aware of this reality, there are ways to minimise these risks

And that is why we are here, so that you can accept Bitcoin for your products without taking any risk, because we make sure that you receive the same value in euros; if you wish, you will be paid in Bitcoin but you will receive euros.

Technical problems when cashing out Bitcoin

Another problem in accepting Bitcoin for trade is the associated technical problems. In order to be able to cash in Bitcoin securely, knowledge is required and this entails a learning curve that is by no means easy, especially to be able to cash in via “lightning”. In addition to this technical know-how, an investment is necessary to avoid problems in receiving payments. We take care of everything necessary for you to join the Bitcoin world without having to worry about any technical issues.

Trust issues when paying in Bitcoin

You are a serious trader, no one disputes that, but remember that Bitcoin payments are not reversible. The buyer will only make payments to trusted third parties. Our job is to generate that confidence in the payments that the buyer makes, guaranteeing that they will receive the order without any problems.

Other services we offer

We are also a Marketplace with high aspirations. We don’t just want to facilitate your integration into the Bitcoin world. We want our customers to generate more returns, more sales, more visibility for their products and adapt to your needs within our possibilities.

Bitcoin Shopping Centre conditions

If you are interested in working with us and be part of Bitcoin Shopping Centre, in the following link we talk about the conditions and details of the service we offer.