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Step by step to create your store in Bitcoin Shopping Centre.

The purpose of Bitcoin Shopping Centre is to create a space where the Bitcoin community can make use of their precious currency.

The current problem is that, although the bitcoin community is huge and why not say it, well capitalized, it encounters many problems to make use of the currency.

The supply of products for sale in exchange for bitcoin is very scarce in most countries and this makes it difficult for buyers to meet their demand.

To solve this problem, Bitcoin Shopping Centre was created to minimize the risks for both parties, since the merchant sells in bitcoin but receives the currency of his choice.

Here we will see step by step how to create an account on the platform and thus have your space, your store where you can sell your products and interact with your customers.

Servicio y condiciones de Bitcoin Shopping Centre

Create your store in Bitcoin Shopping Centre

Registration on the platform:

The first step is to register as a seller in the form that you will find in the following link: Bitcoin Shopping Centre Registration.

As the form indicates, you have to fill it in with the username that must be available, the name of the store, your name and email address.

As soon as you enter your email address, the platform sends you a code message that you have to enter, this is the email verification code.

After filling in the data, click on register.

Store validation:

After registering, you will see this screen, everything is fine, you just have to wait for us to validate the store.

This process can take up to 24 hours, to speed up the process send us an email to [email protected].

Since you are sending us the mail, tell us a little bit about yourselves, where you are from, what you sell, where you want to sell it, so we can establish the first relationships.

You will also receive an email with a link to verify your account. While waiting for the seller account to be verified, you will have activated the user account.

When we activate your account, we will send you an email informing you. When you log in to the platform again, with your email and password, you will directly see the following configuration screen.

Store configuration:

When you log in after store verification, you will be presented with the following configuration screen. We just give it to Let’s go!

First of all the image, the logo will appear on the page of your store and under each of your products, under the buy button. It looks much better if the measurements are square, approximately 500px x 500px.

The banner will be displayed in the background of your store page, ideally the image should be horizontal approximately 1200 x 600px.

If you don’t have the images ready, don’t worry, continue with the configuration and you will put them later.

If you go down, you can go putting data, it is not obligatory to put them all, put the ones you consider but, keep in mind that the more data is provided, the more confidence it generates to the seller. However, Bitcoin Shopping Centre guarantees the sale to the buyer.

Describe your store, your services, take advantage of this space to promote yourself, explain what you sell, how you produce it if you are a producer. In short, explain what you consider necessary.

It doesn’t matter how you put it, this is the payment method we pay you, not the one the customer will pay you with. This issue will be dealt with later.

Therefore, skip the step or click continue.

Store Policies

You are responsible for what you sell. You issue the invoice and take care of the shipments, therefore, you are the one who defines your refund or cancellation policies.

Remember that in the European Union, the buyer has the right to return a product, within 14 days, without needing any justification, so that is your legal minimum that you must comply with.

After-sales support:

Put all the information that the customer needs to make any inquiry, complaint or suggestion after making the purchase.

You can also put the address of your physical store if you have one.

Section to promote yourself.

As you can see, in Bitcoin Shopping Centre, we do not want to hide your identity, you are the protagonist, we are just a place where you can interact with your customers and where you can facilitate payments with Bitcoin.

In the SEO settings, by a brief description of your store, the keywords of your business, this is how browsers like Google will find you and direct you to your store on the platform.

Set up your social networks, so that any client or potential client can see how you work, your proposals, can get to know you.

After filling in all these last data, the store configuration is ready and we go directly to the control panel.

Recuerda que en cualquier momento puedes cambiar o rellenar cualquier dato de la configuración, así que si te falta algo al crear la tienda, no te preocupes.

Control panel:

After filling in the store data, we enter the control center.

Here you will be able to view notifications, orders, customer inquiries, invoicing.

You will be able to contact us or the customer who has purchased from you or made an inquiry.

Of course, you have your space to create your products, upload photos, definitions, create variations and translate everything so that they can be purchased in other countries if you wish.

CSV product import

If you already have a store created with woocommerce, you can import a CSV file with the products.

If your store is created with a platform other than woocommerce, you will have to modify the database to adapt it. Our suggestion is that you create a product manually, download the CSV to know the structure of the tables and be able to adapt the database.

If you have doubts about how to do the latter, write to us, we will try to help you.